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Activities that makes the difference

Studies of real-life

Comparative analysis, and evidence-gathering, studies of real-life cases in order to have a real idea of the needs of skills and competences in the European Environmental Studies.

Modules and integrations

Development of a joint modules training curriculum with the integration of different learning modes (supported by Industry 4.0 and Blockchain certification).

Learning and training materials

The creation of learning and training materials together with methods, pedagogical approaches, and tools.

Networking and training

Capacity buildings and networking activities.

As a final result of these activities, this Strategic Partnership will develop a Study Report on current skills needs on the European Environmental studies and offer a Joint Training Curriculum together with learning content and an e-Learning platform that will be freely and widely distributed.

The consortium has also planned six Multiplier Events at the end of the project in order to disseminate the results.

Our Focal Points

Active Cooperation
Digital Learning
Transversal Skills