Final Conference in Tenerife (Spain)

During the conference, you will be able to learn about the results of the project, the contents developed, listen to experts in the water management industry, and enjoy networking sessions among professionals in the sector.

THIRD TPM: Nea Kallikatria

The third PARADOX’s TPM took place in July in Greece. In this meeting, the partnership could update the work in progress and make an agreement to change some aspects of the Online Platform.


Hosted by Transilvania University of Brașov, the second TPM took place in Romania. During this TPM, the project’s time framework was updated, all the developed modules were presented to the consortium and platform needs were discussed.

FIRST TPM: Tenerife

First meeting was in Tenerife, hosted by EVM in March 2022. During this two-days-long meeting, all the work done during the first months of the project was analyzed and corrected in a collaborative framework.